You’re a school district leader who is driven to help students learn in the 21st century. You know technology is a necessary component of the education system you provide to your community.

Yet you may be unsure of the best ways to truly integrate technology in a way that supports student learning.

Our Virtual-CIO program is a perfect solution for you.

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Following our Free consultation, we’ll match your district with one of our experienced team members based on areas of expertise.  This point person will work with your leadership team and community on a regular basis, helping you:

  • Create and refine your strategic vision for technology
  • Craft a plan for attaining short and long term goals
  • Align technology to your school district Academic, Operational, Financial, and Community goals
  • Bridge the gap between meaningful technology use and sound pedagogical practices
  • Communicate your vision to the school board and community stakeholder groups

Our Virtual-CIO services connect you with on-demand, budget-friendly access to highly-skilled educational technologists.

Get started today!