Our Process

Schools and districts across the country are working diligently to meaningfully incorporate technology into their systems.  Our team brings 30 years of experience to thoughtful decision-making – our 4 phase process helps to expand your impact on students and stretch your technology dollars!


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We take the time to ask, listen,  and observe your school community to understand then analyze your current reality and future goals.

Utilizing a combination of in-person observations, interviews, and focus groups along with stakeholder surveys, we’ll work to best understand your organization’s needs.  We’ll take the necessary time to review pertinent achievement and performance data in addition to strategic plans and board goals.  This phase culminates in a detailed report with customized recommendations that help you accomplish your goals within your time and budgetary parameters.  (~2-3 weeks)


Working along with you, we’ll build a collaborative strategy then take the necessary steps to execute your right educational and technology solutions.

After reviewing our comprehensive report and recommendations, we’ll work with you to craft the ideal strategy to turn your educational and technology plans into reality.  We’ll help you identify the key players and strategic stakeholder groups that will become your early champions.  We can help serve as an intermediary with various technology vendors – so you can focus on leading your district.  Our role is to support your early success, proactively identify trouble spots, and ensure that you are started in the right direction.  (~3-4 months, project dependent)


We’ll help your team identify success and quickly address implementation speed bumps to build capacity and monitor progress as traction builds.

Organizational capacity building and establishing new behaviors is the focus of this phase of our work.  As new technology and educational initiatives expand, we’ll help you continue to monitor early successes and ensure institution-wide implementation is a reality.  We’ll also help you analyze and evaluate early metrics of success so that necessary stake-holders continue to provide you with the support that you need. (~3-9 months, project dependent)


As new educational and technology solutions become embedded in your culture, we’ll work with you on process development and true outcome-based evaluation.

Now that your staff has embedded new practices and technology into the fiber of your district, it is time to continue monitoring success, train and support new staff members, and look for opportunities for expand to the next level of change.  Like most school districts, when you reach this phase there are most likely additional areas of your organization that can be improved – we’ll work with you to identify the next low-hanging fruit. (~6-18 months)