For Schools

Schools and school leaders are working feverishly to help their students learn in and for the 21st century.  Technology must be a part of their learning experiences yet should never replace educational best practices.

School leaders are consistently working at (or over) capacity and are often in need of additional support and guidance as they seek to meaningfully incorporate technology into the daily routines and practices.

What If Schools is committed to supporting school leaders as they navigate the Educational Technology of the 21st century.  Our team of experienced educators and technologists are ready to assist you and help your students find success.

Virtual-CIO – On-demand, high-level expertise to help you craft and implement a strategic vision for technology in your district.

Project Management – Short and long-term projects are successful when you have support dedicated to the coordination, communication, and completion of necessary steps along the way.

Our process is designed to be customized to your district’s needs.  From Evaluation of your needs, to Implementation of a plan, through Expansion and finally full Integration – we’ll work with you to enhance technology in your district.

We’ve worked with a number of schools and districts over the years – each with their own, unique challenges and customized solutions.  Our success stories may just resonate with you!