Why we’re here

Schools are amazing places.

Filled with hard-working professionals, energetic students, valued traditions, high expectations, and worthy outcomes.

The past few decades have seen a tremendous shift in attention paid to K12 schools. Curriculum, assessment, technology, teaching, learning, and leadership have all become part of a national conversation.

Technological advances outside of schools have placed added pressures on educational leaders to stay current and relevant – for students and the 21st century workplace into which they will graduate.

School and district leaders are regularly expected to make challenging decisions that have long and short term implications. With limited budgets, finite capacity, and time constraints, these leaders find themselves under resourced when facing the future of their organizations.

Additionally, education-passionate technologists have created platforms, products, services, and systems that hold tremendous potential to change student outcomes.  Yet the complexities of school systems make the design, development, marketing, sales, and implementation of EdTech a very real challenge.

What if schools took a different approach to educational technology decisions?

What if schools could support and inform technological advancement?

What if schools could be transformed by experienced educators working with thoughtful technology?

What if schools…

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